Accounting 101

Accounting 101

October 12, 2023

Facilitated by Kelly Ross from Ross Professional Corporation


This workshop taught the artists how to structure their accounting practices. Kelly taught the artists how to file their taxes as business owners, how to write off business expenses, how to structure their payroll, and numerous other best practices. 


Kelly Ross is the Managing Director and CEO of Ross Professional Corporation. She is a member of CPA Canada leading with strength, knowledge and passion, having over 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation. Through her career she worked in a multi-national CPA firm, then moved on to be a subject matter expert for development of an accounting program at a college. Kelly’s interest and passion for accounting came from her mother whose career was in the accounting realm. Kelly has a love for the arts and entertainment industry, which stemmed from having a father who had talent and love for music. Kelly herself played the piano, trumpet and was a dancer through her early years. Now in her downtime, Kelly can be found around the hockey rinks supporting her daughter’s hockey team and following her nephews in their live band performances. She is truly a people person and has a special skill making everyone she meets feel special.

This workshop is located at “The Gift Shop” in Stackt Market (Unit 5-101).

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