Art of the Sale (A Guide To Art Dealing) II

Art of the Sale (A Guide To Art Dealing) II

October 11, 2023

Facilitated by Kristopher Sakamoto Marshall from LUMAS Gallery Toronto


This workshop taught the artists that connection is key in selling artwork. Kristopher helped the artists identify their target collectors, gave them a breakdown of how to close a sale through relationship building, and provided them with numerous insights into how they can become excellent at art dealing.


Kristofer Sakamoto-Marshall (he/him) is a mixed-race Gallery Director, born and raised in the GTHA. Along with promoting the arts as a whole, he is focused on increasing public awareness of the many talented, diverse artists in the region. Throughout his career, Kristofer has been privileged to develop meaningful relationships based on respect and trust with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Using this same approach, he believes in creating a sense of community and collective voice to push the industry forward for underserved and marginalized groups.


With the ethos that "art is for everyone," LUMAS aims to increase the accessibility and affordability of high-quality fine art. As the largest producer of photographic art globally, our portfolio includes more than 3,000 pieces by roughly 250 established artists, promising newcomers, as well as historical and contemporary pieces from select archives. The exclusive, original photographs are available in hand-signed, limited edition print runs, usually between 75 and 150. This allows us to offer the artwork at more reasonable prices than typical.
At LUMAS, we hope to share our passion for first-class art with lasting value, the pleasure we take from the incomparable aura of an original work of art, and the joy of collecting itself.
This workshop is located at “The Gift Shop” in Stackt Market (Unit 5-101).

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