Notes In Colour

Notes In Colour

October 14, 2023

‘Notes in Colour’ (in collaboration with ‘The Gift Shop’) is a free two-part panelist discussion with leading industry professionals in Art and Music, closing with a live performance by Sarah Itamah


Distinguished panelists will share insights, experiences, and advice on breaking into and leaving a lasting impact in their respective industries. Each discussion will consist of 3 professionals, plus the facilitator. The facilitator will ask questions regarding their creative process, how that has affected their position in their industry today, and the nuances of reaching the level of artistry deemed “acceptable”.

The first insightful conversation between Anthony Gebrehiwot, M.Falconer, Laneigh Ramirez, and Imani Dominique will share knowledge about the business of art. The second exciting conversation between Kiga, Malaika Khadijah, Dalton Higgens, and Sarah Itamah will share insight into the business of music. The event will close with a live performance by Sarah Itamah.

Attendees can engage with the panelists during the last 20 minutes of the conversation through a Q&A session, gaining valuable knowledge and inspiration.


Business of Art Art Panel (Facilitated by Imani Dominique) 7:15- 8:00

Featuring Anthony Gebrehiwot, M. Falconer, and Laneigh Ramirez


Business of Music & Building  Collectives  (Facilitated by Sarah Itamah) 8:15- 9:00

Featuring Kiga Landry, Malaika Khadija , and Dalton Higgins 



This event is located at “The Gift Shop” in Stackt Market (Unit 5-101).

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