The Art of The Pitch

The Art of The Pitch

January 23, 2024

Facilitated by Imani Dominique


This workshop facilitated by Imani Dominique will share insights into pitching for funding, venues, corporate partnerships, and sponsorships. Artists and project managers will learn how to effectively tell their story and secure meaningful collaborations.


Imani Dominique


Imani Busby is an ambitious and multifaceted curator, visual artist, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about arts equity and aims to explore the ways in which the industry can be sustainable for systemically marginalized artists and creatives.


Imani aims to use her curatorial and entrepreneurial skills to create engaging, interactive, and community-filled spaces that amplify emerging and mid-career artists. Through the creation of public art, exhibition pop-ups, and print publications, Imani aims to increase access to the arts for all communities. Additionally, through workshops and accessible resources, she aims to provide artists with business, legal, and professional development opportunities. 


She has secured partnerships, sponsorships, funding, and collaborations with/from MLSE, Stackt Market, SOCAN Canada, Toronto Metropolitan University, Manifesto, ArtReach, Crybaby Gallery, Wuxly, Xpace Cultural Centre, Victory Group, LooseFade, Liss Gallery, Posterjack, RISE Edutainment, Dalton Higgins PR, OfTheSaint Productions, Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism, Banded Purple, LUMAS Canada, TrakFve, NoHa Collective, Ross Professional Corporation, Jrew Creations, ALAS Ontario, CARFAC Ontario, Gerda Creates, and over 60 artists.  


This workshop is located at “The Gift Shop” in Stackt Market (Unit 5-101).


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