The Gift Shop 2.0 Launch Party

The Gift Shop 2.0 Launch Party

September 30, 2023

We invite you to join us on September 30th from 6-11 PM EST to celebrate the opening of our 2.0 pop-up shop!🥳  

Our launch party had over 300 attendees and was a wonderful, community filled event. 

About The Gift Shop 2.0
Curated by Imani Dominique and inspired by the aesthetics of local record stores, “The Gift Shop” is an immersive art gallery and business incubator for artists. Located at STACKT market in the heart of downtown Toronto from September 23, 2023 - February 28, 2024, both visual and performance artists are given space to showcase their art, develop as entrepreneurs, and build community. Through engaging in professional development workshops and creative activations hosted in the space, this program also provides emerging and mid-career artists with an opportunity to incubate their businesses and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The workshops include "Art Of The Sale (A Guide to Art Dealing)", "Intellectual Property and Artist Legal Rights", "Digital Marketing For Artists", "Accounting 101", "The Business of Music", “Media Training for Artists”, “Grant Writing 101”, “How To Curate Your Solo Exhibition”, "Artist Rights and Royalties" and more.


“The Gift Shop 2.0”  featured artwork by: 

 Alicia Reid, Anthony Gebrehiwot, bitchfits, Camille Kiffin, Chawntay Barrett, Christiana Ceesay, Connor Tadao (Flee Normality), Destinee Cray, Delali Cofie, Ehiko Odeh, Ella’s Precision, Gerda Boateng, Imani Dominique, Hammed . A. Babatunde, Jershotyou, Jet Bailey, Joseph Catalano, Laneigh Ramirez, Leslie Zani, Kaya Joan, Kayla Pierre, Kianna Sumitani, M. Falconer, Omar Abul Ata, Percy Eriamiator, Taija Grey (Jesussister), TT, Tyler Tabobondung Rushnell, Saint Haarlem, SARA, She Killed Art, ShuGgz, Sumeya Farah, Sydney Mia Gittens, and Sylver.

The Gift Shop 2.0 is a space for artists to develop their business skills, build community, and celebrate their craft.

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