Workshop #1: Grant Writing 101

Workshop #1: Grant Writing 101

June 19 

Facilitated by The Framework

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



This panel presented by The Framework and moderated by Kingsley Swim will teach artists the fundamentals of grant writing, will demystify the application process, and will enable them to confidently apply for grants going forward.

The Framework |

A polymathic agency that centers creative storytelling through grant writing, publicity and strategic partnerships.

Kingsley Swim | @kingslxy 

Kingsley Swim is a community connector, independent curator, and the driving force behind her agency, The Framework. Her efforts encompass collaborating with multidisciplinary artists, collectives and art service organizations through forward-thinking program development, grant proposal composition, and event production. She remains active behind the scenes, bringing fresh ideas to several art, culture and funding committees across Canada. In 2023, she was selected as a Keychange Innovator, engaging in professional development, networking and travel throughout Europe. To date, Kingsley has secured seven figures in public funding to support and empower Canadian-based creatives and artist-centred initiatives. 

The City of Ottawa Equity & Inclusion Fund is covering a portion of this event.

This workshop is located at “The Gift Shop” in ByWard Market (#9-13).


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