Collection: Dingani

Zambian-born artist Dingani was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Always existing in the in-between, Dingani seeks to explore themes of self-discovery at the intersection of blackness and queerness. Dingani utilizes his background in Neuroscience to understand human emotions by crafting tender and introspective lyrics. Sonically, he draws upon his years of experience as a 1st tenor choir vocalist to create intricate, multilayered choral sections similar to Beyonce's Vocal layering approach.

Dingani cites Solange as an inspiration for his artistry and approach to merging multiple disciplines to make sense of what it is to be black in the 21st century. He combines literature, film, fashion and fine art to create nuanced, narrative-driven stories. However, to make this subject matter open to all listeners, Dingani presents his music through catchy and anthemic pop songs, a skill he has developed by studying Lorde's carefully crafted albums. Dingani believes that music is a journey and reflects that in his songwriting, taking a traditional approach to building compositions by including chord changes, bridge sections and other melodic details heavily inspired by the Multi-instrumentalist RnB singer, H.E.R.