Collection: Erin Browne

Erin Browne is a 27 year old musician and creative from Scarborough,
Ontario. As a Caribbean biracial woman growing up in Scarborough, she was
exposed to many genres of music, and developed a particular emotional
resonance with folk music and classic rock, but didn’t see herself reflected in
these genres as a queer Black woman. The lack of diversity deterred her
from writing and performing in these worlds in her early years, but after
spending her teens singing in punk garage bands, she found the confidence
to begin releasing solo works. Exploring themes of love, loss, addiction,
recovery, safety, danger, and redemption, her work strives to speak to and lift
up the women who are flawed, damaged, but still lead with the heart. She’s
passionate about diversity and representation in the Canadian music
industry, and fostering collaborative work environments in which minorities
and women can flourish as themselves.