Collection: LOWERCASE

Scarborough based emerging artist/producer Lowercase aims to be another star 

coming out of the country telling his true story, sharing his humanity & honesty in every record 

he creates. His True interest into hip hop stemmed from hearing Jay-Z's Black Album on his 

mother's iPod Nano (first gen) for the first time in 05. From that point, growing up in the internet 

era, his Jamaican & Memphis roots allowed him to be immersed in a variety of sounds. Artists 

like Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, kanye, japanese rock bands & many others influenced how he 

approaches making music, helping him understand that there is more than one way to deliver his message to his listeners. His dedication led him to find more like-minded individuals who came to be *Wrong Crowd* - a group of friends in different artistic fields working as a team in their city, in hopes to be a prominent voice in their community & culture.  

Since putting out his 2nd & self titled album Lowercase, he had his first show at the baby g & has since worked on his craft more to then release his latest album Pilot Episode Oct. 17th. Just the year alone (2023) I independently had a sold out headlining show at the drake hotel 180 people, The Garrison & was @ Dundas Square for battl416 basketball tournament in Toronto. Also just coming back from shows in Montreal & Nashville USA & a show in NYC Nov 11th.    

Only achieving more with this album & the visuals attached to them (Lack & Couch Psyche).