Collection: MARCY

Marcy is a Canadian artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, bringing a new take on popular music. With versatility in his expanding arsenal, Marcy has been able to produce recognizable sounds all while making them unique. Marcy began as a writer of poetry and books at a very young age. Once truly introduced to the music world, his newfound passion intertwined with his given talents for writing which bred inherent creativity in music.

Starting in 2019 with his first few officially released songs on major platforms including the likes of Ouu, Japanese and Confirm, then following up with his debut EP ‘Me&I’, Marcy has grown as an artist further expanding his reach in music. His long-time collaborator, Ziad, has been influential in his pursuit of musical dominance with the two releasing a 6-song EP together titled 'MarZi'.

Marcy's goal is to become an artist who can influence others to pursue their dreams. In his adulthood, Marcy’s stance on the demonstration of inherent talents has become his sole purpose in life. A philosophical revelation that has allowed him to fully immerse himself into his passions without any regrets as he believes that depriving the world of your talents is akin to committing a crime. The Canadian Rapper/Singer‘s journey is one made to follow as another peak is breached as he expands his own boundaries and sets new heights.