Collection: Rosabell

21-year-old Rosabell is a Nigerian-Canadian singer, songwriter, and college student from the city of Toronto. Her musical journey traces back to her earliest days, expressing her talent through YouTube cover videos. Known for her lush harmonies and distinctive vocal flair, Rosabell has moved on to writing original songs, curating a vocal style where her voice leaves a soothing impression on every listener's heart. Her music blends pop, R&B, and soul, drawing inspiration from assorted genres. In her upbringing, she noticed a gap in the kind of role model who mirrored her profound love for music. Stepping into the music scene, she aspires to represent misread young and grown black girls everywhere. Rosabell envisions a space where embracing and celebrating individual, untypical interests—both within and beyond music—coexist with the beauty of being black. Her lyrics are honest and vulnerable, writing narratives from personal experiences and observing the world around her. Whether exploring themes of different relationships, emotions, or self-discovery, Rosabell's music speaks to the nuances of everyday life.