Collection: Shahaddah Jack

Shahaddah Jack, a 19-year-old bilingual spoken word poet and human rights activist, hails from Tkaronto, drawing inspiration from her diverse cultural roots. Notably, she recently marked a milestone by releasing her debut single, "My Mother’s Daughter." Shahaddah, a proud graduate of the remix project, uses her poetic lens to delve into addressing human rights, the black experience, and the challenges of adolescence.

With an impressive resume, Shahaddah has graced over 80 stages, including the renowned History stage. She gained recognition as BGC Canada’s 2022 National Youth of the Year and was honored as one of Streets of Toronto’s most inspirational women in 2022. Shahaddah's artistic journey began at the age of 12, performing at venues like Hot Docs Cinema, TIFF, and the Meridian Arts Centre.

Her spoken word has resonated at prestigious events such as the Toronto International Festival of Authors, TDSBCreates, and RISE in the Parks. Media outlets like CBC Radio-Canada, City News, and Nuit Blanche have featured her works in print, on stage, radio, and film. Committed to mentorship, Shahaddah has conducted workshops on poetry and human rights in collaboration with organizations like BGC, VIBE Arts, Guelph University, JAYU, TDSB, Peacebuilders, and more. Shahaddah invites you to explore her world through her debut book, "Underrated Royalty," available on Amazon.