Collection: Shakkoi aka Need Some Koi

Shakkoi aka Need Some Koi is an art practitioner that excels as a three time author, spoken word activist & movement instructor. Through performance, facilitation & community engagement, she possesses a remarkable ability to transcend experiences of power and pain through the mediums of poetry, dance and speech. 

Her artistic journey has graced the platforms of notable school districts, organisations & institutions, such as; The Toronto District School Board, the University of Toronto, Global News, LCP,Breakfast Television, the city of Pickering & the Nia Centre for the Arts to name a few.

Shakkoi's presence is as unique as it is raw, and her inviting demeanour encourages communities to "Release their Doubts & Step Out!" Shakkoi is undeniably an invaluable addition to anyone's life, by using art to understand her own life.  KOI reminds us that we can all benefit from a touch of Kindness On Impact. With a wealth of experiences to share, everyone Need's Some Koi in their lives!