Collection: Summerkamp

Justin Campbell “Summerkamp” is a Hip Hop/RnB artist and songwriter. With his

mother being of Irish descent and his father being born and raised in Jamaica,“choosing a side” was always a discussion in his household. This led him to be influenced by every type of music associated with “white culture” and “black culture”; having large phases of music ranging from screamo and dancehall to R&B and Hip Hop. Justin started out his musical career with many other stage names and was also in a rap group called High Spades with some childhood friends.

After the group disbanded he decided to focus on more creative work. He joined the team of another local artist in Toronto. During this time, he met current business partner in Trak Fve and co-writer, Joseph De Sousa. Together they began writing music and producing videos for the team and other upcoming artists in Toronto.

Focusing his time on music videos and commercials, Justin has racked up an impressive credits list, working with the likes of Drake, Buju Banton, Sean Paul, Jesse Reyez, and more.

Summerkamp aims to continue to create music that speaks to himself as an artist while still collaborating with other creatives to craft new sounds and visuals that push boundaries and touch different individuals from all walks of life.