Collection: Hammed . A. Babatunde

Hammed . A. Babatunde Is a Toronto based artist. His work focuses more on vibrant colors and texture to empower people that encounter his paintings. Being a Nigerian descent, he has always gained inspiration and motivation from his surroundings which comprises of a lot of great individuals Who embodies “the strength in being black”, he, uses this inspiration to create modern art using abstract that captures emotions, ideas and thoughts.

It is important to him that people see love and positive energy in what he creates. He also creates vibrant contemporary art which he found attracts people of all ages. His hard work towards spreading positive energy create opportunities of working with different communities and the greater Toronto
area like: Jane and Finch community in collaboration with Toronto Public Library for a back-to-school event, an event held in Jane and Finch Mall.
His work has led to exhibitions partnering with some organizations like Sunday social, a black oriented event for black community and TTC for Black History Month.
Presently, Hammed is working towards hosting his own solo exhibition simply to bring people together and put a smile on their faces with his vibrant and empowering paintings.