Collection: Jet Bailey

Jet Bailey, also known as Jetlag, is a Toronto photographer and all-around creative. His work is among the most distinctive available. His photography style is known as “Zeitgeist”. His process begins with live events and capturing the moment as it unfolds. Experiencing the energy and emotions that people are feeling at the time. Making a time capsule that can be used to travel back in time to see things as they were at that moment. This is because the majority of Jet’s photos aren't staged or posed. They are present and organic. He captures genuine facial expressions and emotions that can be felt on the screen as well as in a real-life print. His editing style is also what distinguishes his art; the photos sell on their own, but his distinct and unique editing style really brings out the signature Jetlag look. The coloured tint has come to be associated with Jetlag, and you can tell when you see it. It’s not necessary to include a watermark, his look and style are the watermarks. Jet has been shooting since 2019 but went all in around the beginning of 2021, and his adventure is just getting started.

Written by Maxim Bayarsky for DMTV Magazine