Collection: Laneigh Ramirez

Laneigh Ramirez is a non-binary, Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Their art is a breakthrough from their childhood in Sarnia, Ontario, a place far-removed from Black people and culture. Upon branching out to more diverse cities, Ramirez explores how identity can manifest as a genuine expression of self, or act as a response to environments and social conditions. They combine the likeness of reality with their abstract, intuitive inner world through various mediums to depict their journey of finding joy, building confidence, and nurturing their mental health as a Black person. They are inspired by fashion, Black and Queer media, and people who radiate authenticity including community, family, friends, and public figures. Their oil paintings are composed of bold colour and lively brushmarks, influenced by Impressionism, to emphasize their animated view upon life as it is. Their airbrush works utilize simplicity to focus on the essence of the subjects. In all mediums, Ramirez focuses on details, shape and colour to honour Blackness in all its properties. 

Ramirez has painted exhibited oil paintings in Canada and the US, including at Future Fair in New York, NY and at WACO Theatre’s Wearable Art Gala Auction in Los Angeles, CA.