Collection: Laneigh Ramirez

Laneigh Ramirez is a non-binary, Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. As a breakthrough from their childhood far-removed from Blackness in Sarnia, Ontario, they explore how identity can act as a response to environments and social conditions, or manifest as a genuine expression of self. Their use of fashion and media elements connects the depths of identity to the world around us. Ramirez’s signature oil paintings are birthed from spontaneous photographs and found images, as they combine likeness of reality with abstract inner worlds. The attention to detail and use of bold colour create an animated version of life to mirror the hyper-awareness that follows gratitude, the state of being present, and at times, anxiety. In depicting the surreal journey of seeking joy, building confidence and confronting one’s shadow as a Queer Black person, Ramirez vouches for authenticity. Among notable achievements such as youth artist mentorship and community workshop facilitation, Ramirez has exhibited oil paintings in Canada and the US, including at the Future Fair in New York City and the Wearable Art Gala at the WACO Theatre in Los Angeles.