Collection: Sumeya Farah

My name is Sumeya Farah and I am a 20 year old creative artist located in Toronto. Since I was a child I always had a story to tell, at that time in my life those stories were created to keep myself occupied through my aimless daydreams. As I grew up, those daydreams and micro stories I’d tell to friends and families showcased more than just a mundane plot. It demonstrated vulnerability and authenticity, two words that capture the essence of my drive and passion for the arts. I am a writer, filmmaker, photographer and most importantly a creative. The reason I make my art is to give my inner child the microphone but to also one day hope to have the power to give others the microphone as well. We are an accumulation of the life we perceive daily, and I want to spend my life capturing that perception from as many angles as possible. When perceiving my art it may seem mundane and ordinary but maybe that's the point, for us to find the art in the moments that seem monotonous.