Collection: Taija Grey

Meet Taija Grey, a talented concert photographer based in Toronto. With a passion for music, photography and writing. Taija has captured some of the most iconic moments in the music industry in Toronto and around the world. Her work has been featured in publications such as Exclaim!.

Taija's journey as a concert photographer started after moving to Toronto and beginning her own publication, Jesus’ Sister in 2015. Alone in a new city, she struggled with mental health and where she fit, music blogging allowed her to find her way to herself and her community. Sweaty crowds and dark venues became her nightly adventure. Live performances quickly became her safe space and an outlet for joy. Since then, she has been photographing concerts and festivals, developing her skills and building her portfolio which has since expanded into studio work.

Taija's unique style of photography captures the essence of the music and the artist. Her photos tell a story, transporting the viewer to the concert experience through the eyes of a fantasy writer.