Collection: TT

Tioluwani Babalola, an emerging force in the realm of grafitti art, is making a name for himself and his fresh and captivating creations. With a unique artistic style and a passion for self expression through each distinct piece; he is swiftly gaining the attention of his peers and audience alike. Having only started painting during lockdown as a way to process his thoughts, TT (as he is commonly called) brings a distinct perspective to his work. His art is characterized by an inventive blend of vibrant colors, caricatures and the ever so subtle monogram, resulting in visually stunning pieces that leave a lasting impact. Despite being relatively new to the art scene, TT has showcased his talent in local exhibitions and emerging artist events, earning accolades for his creativity and technical prowess. Fueled by a constant thirst for growth, he actively seeks out new techniques and continues to refine his skills and embrace new opportunities, all eyes are on this young artist, eagerly anticipating his next awe-inspiring creation.