Collection: Yinkore

Yinkore (b. 1998) is a self-taught Nigerian digital artist, and as a contemporary digital artist, is constantly exploring the juxtaposition of her traditional culture and this new age media. Although there is not one distinct style that is a particular identifier of hers, it is clear that there is a unique artistic voice, and she uses it to navigate her unique lived experiences by exploring themes of intersectionality and representation in the art she creates. Using bold colours, traditional patterns and striking textures, she is purposeful about her maximalist approach, almost acting as a call to action regarding the messages weaved into each of her pieces. Her art is an ode to black women and a form of activism to resist the silence people with multiple minority identities like hers were taught to embrace. Since starting her career in 2017, she has exhibited her work in several cities all around the world, from New York to Cape Town, Dakar and Paris. She has been featured by CNN Africa, Teen Vogue and Forbes Africa, as well as having the pleasure to work alongside several reputable brands from Oxfam International to ConsenSys. The artist lives and works in Canada.